RGNIYD celebrated Hindi Diwas and Pakhwada at RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur on 19.09.2022
































India is the Country of diversities, it shows its distinctions in culture, tradition, cloths, languages etc., yet India is one as a Nation known for its “Unity in Diversity”. In the Central government offices, this diversity is united through implementation of Official Language, where Hindi is adopted as one of the medium of Correspondence. Today RGNIYD celebrated the Hindi Diwas and Pakhwada at its campus.


The Director of the Institute Prof. Sibnath Deb, in his address greeted the participants and encouraged them to implement Hindi in their official correspondence. He also encouraged to learn as many languages as possible which will help a person to achieve his endeavours in any part of the world. He also administered the Hindi Diwas Pledge.


Prof. Inderjeet Singh Sodhi, Head, Department of Public Administration addressed the gathering on the occasion and spoke on the importance of the language in a persons’ life.


Spontaneous Games were organised to familiarise Hindi words during the programme.


The student, faculty and staff of RGNIYD participated in the programme.