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A Cross-Sectional Study on Mental Health of School Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic in India
Professional Social Work Associations in India - Introduction to Social Work, Sage Text Book
A New Interactive Decision Approach with Probabilistic Linguistic Data: An Application in the Academic Sector
Challenges Faced by Female Commercial Sex Workers in Puducherry, India: A Qualitative Inquiry
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Sexual Abuse of Male Children : Current Status and Future Directions
COVID-19 and Mental Health of Indian Youth : Association with Background Variables and Stress
Untold and Painful Stories of Survival : The Life of Adolescent Girl of the Paniya Tribes of Kerala, India
Safety and Welfare of Children Under Institutional Care in India: A Situation Analysis
Child Abuse and Neglect in India, Risk Factors and Protective Measures
Introduction - Child Safety, Welfare and Well-Being : Need of the Hour Child Safety, Welfare and Well-Being
Deviant Desires: Body Image and Sexual Autonomy of Differently Abled Women in Cinema
Dalit Women in Cinema: A Narrative of Gender and Caste
Challenges Faced by Female Commercial Sex Workers in Puducherry, India : A Qualitative Inquiry
New ranking model with evidence theory under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy context and unknown weights, Neural Computing and Applications
Clean energy selection for sustainable development by using entropy-based decision model with hesitant fuzzy information, Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Menstrual hygiene Management: Socio-cultural Challenges faced by the Adolescent Girls in India
Depression: A comparison of Australian and Indian University Students
Cloud vendor selection for the healthcare industry using a big data-driven decision model with probabilistic linguistic information
Democratic Decentralizaton and Socio-Political Inclusion of Marginalized Communities: A Study of Musahar Community in Madhubani District of Bihar, India
Status of the Children of Fishing Community of Southern India: an Empirical Study
Evidence and Predictors of Resilience among Young Adults Exposed to Traumatic Events of the Armed Conflict in Kashmir
Parent–Teacher Non-Acceptance to Early Gender-Diverse Behaviours of Transgender Children
Prevalence of trauma among young adults exposed to stressful events of armed conflicts in South Asia: Experiences from Kashmir
An Integrated Single-Valued Neutrosophic Combined Compromise Solution Methodology for Renewable Energy Resource Selection Problem Energies
A Decision Aiding Framework for Two-Way Selection of Cloud Vendors in Medical Centers With Generalized Orthopair Fuzzy Information
Prioritization of zero-carbon measures for sustainable urban mobility using integrated double hierarchy decision framework and EDAS approach, Science of the Total Environment
Multi-criteria food waste treatment method selection using single-valued neutrosophic-CRITIC-MULTIMOORA Framework
Education for Children of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs): A Community-based Participatory Approach
An integrated decision‑making COPRAS approach to probabilistic hesitant fuzzy set information
Risk Factors Associated with Corporal Punishment of Children in India: A Qualitative Study
Interval-valued probabilistic uncertain linguistic Information for decision-making: selection of hydrogen production methodology
Assessment of Cloud Vendors Using Interval‐valued Probabilistic Linguistic Information and Unknown Weights
Psychological Distress Among Doctoral Scholars: Its Association with Perseverance and Passion
The Rise of the Panchayati Raj Institutions as the Third Tier in Indian Federalism: Where the Shoe Pinches
Skilling the Rural Youth of the Northeast of India Through Rural Technologies
Mental Health in the Face of Armed Conflict: Experience from Young Adults of Kashmir
Psychological distress among young adults exposed to armed conflict in Kashmir
Adverse childhood experiences: association with physical and mental health conditions among older adults in Bhutan
A Hesitant Fuzzy Combined Compromise Solution Framework-Based on Discrimination Measure for Ranking Sustainable Third-Party Reverse Logistic Providers
Transfer of Technology for Youth Civic Engagement in Pond Restoration: An Intervention Study Using the Social Group Work Method